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Basic Backtesting Guide for Trader Using Excel

Looking for ways to do basic backtesting in Excel. It’s very funny as we all have love/hate sort of relationship with Excel. It is a very good way of doing some quick and dirty testing. Along with Excel being very convenient because of its easy availability, it has some limitations too. However, the learning curve will be pretty short and quick; so you would be able to run some basic backtesting in a matter of no time.

Backtesting SKILLS & ESSENTIALS Trading

What are the Basic of Backtesting?

Backtesting refers to testing a trading system using historical data to verify how a system would have performed during a specific period of time. Nowadays many trading systems support backtesting.

Backtesting Forward Testing Trading

What is the Correlation Between Backtesting and Forward Testing?

There is a very significant relationship between Backtesting, Out of Sample and Forward Testing. All the mistakes that a trader needs to avoid when implementing a trading strategy.

Backtesting Trading

What are Pitfalls of Backtesting?

Want to know the pitfalls of backtesting? Just like any other strategy, this trading strategy has some points to be always considered while employing it.

Backtesting Scenario Analysis Trading

What is the Difference Between Backtesting and Scenario Analysis?

Want to know the difference between Backtesting and Scenario Analysis. Both are used for analysis purposes and yet totally opposite to each other.