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Tech POV : Nifty 50 Chart Shows Bear in the Driver’s Seat

New Delhi: On Thursday, Nifty 50 crashed in the middle of weekly option contracts. As index formed a bearish candle on Thursday. If following daily chart then bears were in the driver’s seat following Wednesday’s bearish belt hold. Analysts quote that the index may face resistance breaching point at 9250 while supported by the 9050 points.

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What are stock Market Index?

The stock market index or stock index is an index to evaluate the stock market or a subset of the market to provide insights to the investor how a market is performing by comparing actual price levels with the past price levels. It is determined by the selective weighted stock price.

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What is the actual difference between Stocks and Stock Mutual Funds?

Searching for the difference between Stocks and stock mutual funds? Well then just for your information, stock investing is not that complicated as it seems. Stock market investing for most people means choosing among Stocks and Stock Mutual funds (i.e., two basic types of investment)

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Can Beginners Do Trading In Stocks?

Yes, in fact, everyone should do trading indeed. Beginners can and should also invest in stocks as long as they have no money for leaving their money invested for five years or so.