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The Mega Stimulus Package of Rs 20 Lakh Crore

Mega-Stimulus-Package-Rs-20-Lakh-CroreNew Delhi, India: India’s Rs 20 lakh crore COVID relief package is one of the largest among the world announced on Tuesday by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PM also announced previously taken measures to save the COVID impacted the economy by focusing on breaks of taxes for small scale businesses and providing incentives to domestic manufacturing units.

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What Should be Your Good Collapse Trading Strategy in Covid-19 Pandemic?

Best-Collapse-Trading-Strategy-Covid-19-PandemicFear of Missing Out (FOMO) is very real in our daily life and in current markets. As the market is going down by 10% on certain days due to Covid-19 which troubling investors whether to buy this stock or that stock.

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What Could be the Outcome Of Facebook Buys 9.9% Jio Stakes?

facebook-invests-in-reliance-jioIt’s in the air that Facebook bought 9.9% stake in Reliance Jio, WhatApp to support Jio Mart. Everybody is so much keen to know about Jio Facebook Deal. Roughly India has a population of 130 Crore, Out of which Jio has around 40 crore subscribers, and Facebook also has around 40 crore users.